Aiming at improving the using experience of the future Logistic Single Window, the Port of Sines and its port community have settled a series of sessions, whose main goal is to characterize the present situation concerning the usability of both the Port Single Window and other complementary tools, used by the different parties.

Along with Xperienz (one of the Portuguese companies comprising the group of technological partners developing the LSW), APS – Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority scheduled 15 sessions, taking place in the facilities of the different users and involving some departments of the port authority (Traffic Control Centre, Safety and Environment and the Systems and Helpdesk Centre), the remaining Authorities, Shipping Agents, Customs Agent, Transport Companies and Terminals.

This approach aims at developing a research on the final users’ interaction with the platform, their working patterns, and the identification of some problems and limitations, as well as to appoint and define improvement opportunities, in what concerns the usability.

The future LSW is expected to offer an optimal user experience to all platforms (PC’s, smartphones, tablets, etc.), providing graphic interfaces and functionalities duly oriented and fitted to the different users’ profiles and needs.