The LSW – Logistic Single Window project was presented at the 2nd Forum for the Simplification of Procedures of the Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which took place on March 27 at the Gare Marítima da Madeira. Bringing together several public and private entities.

DGRM participated in this forum as the entity responsible for the national coordination of the LSW implementation, through its General Manager José Simão, who presented the project to the port community and highlighed the importance of APRAM as the entity responsible for the first pilot. The topic resulted in a lively discussion, with many questions raised to enlighten the audience.

Other topics at the forum were "ISPS Code - how to simplify?", by Rui Lopes, the Security Liaison of the Port of Funchal, and "Simplification of Procedures: Implementation of the electronic invoice", by Cecília Correia, LSW Coordinator in Madeira.

In this Forum of the Ports of Madeira, led by APRAM, with the participation of the entire port community, the Forum’s operational Regulation was also approved. It will involve new meetings this year in June, September, and the end of November. The Forum for the Simplification of Procedures is an instrument that exists in most Portuguese ports and aims to improve existing procedures and find solutions to meet needs that are constantly emerging. It is essentially inclusive and facilitates the dialogue between the entities that integrate it in each port.